A Surabaya church lost 41 members in the AirAsia QZ8501 crash

There were 155 passengers on board the AirAsia flight.

41 of the passengers were members of Surabaya's Mawar Sharon Church.

5 of the passengers were members of Surabaya's Bethany Church.

3 of the passengers were part of a family of Christian missionaries from Korea.

A Chinese-Indonesian called Philip Mantofa has been a pastor in Mawar Sharon Church since 1998.

Army of God - Mawar Sharon Youth

Philip Mantofa began his education in Taiwan, where he was reportedly a delinquent.

Back in Surabaya, where he attended a school called St.Aloysius, Philip continued to be a delinquent. 

Philip was then sent to Singapore where he continued to be a delinquent.

He also took an interest in the occult.

Philip was then sent to Canada, where he may or may not have been recruited by the CIA.

(Our source for the recent Robert Finnegan story would appear to have got her facts wrong. We have removed the post. It is not the first time that this source has got things wrong, which makes us somewhat suspicious.)

Things are not very happy in Surabaya. US embassy in Indonesia issues security alert for city of Surabaya - Reuters‎

The Soedibyo/Cahyono family were 'no shows'.

Soedibyo was an intelligence officer in Surabaya - "Assistant Attorney Intelligence in East Java."

He became the Chief Prosecutor in Jakarta and the Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes.

Ten members of his family, including Ari Cahyono, were due to travel on AirAsia QZ8501.

But they missed the flight.

Merasa Dapat Mukjizat Besar Tertin.

Police General Unggung Cahyono (above) was, until September 2014, the boss of the police in Surabaya.

The Force Commander of the Military Sea Traffic for Surabaya is Col Budi Susanto (centre)

The Ari Cahyono and Chandra Susanto families were booked on flight QZ 8501, but missed the flight.

Two Families Escape Disaster By Missing Doomed AirAsia flight.


Allegedly, the CIA recruits for ISIS in Surabaya.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razzak at the Marine Corps Base in Hawaii, days before the disappearance of  AirAsia QZ8501

"This is the third apparent loss of a Malaysia based large passenger jet this year following the unexplained disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 in March and the Ukrainian military shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17 in July over Eastern Ukraine."

On QZ8501, the only British passenger Chi Man Choi (above) was the managing director at Alstom Power, a large energy company which operates in Indonesia.

"Alstom is involved in semiconductor patents."

MH370 was carrying 20 engineers from Freescale Semiconductor Ltd.

Air Asia Flight QZ8501

Alstom is a French company. Alstom to pay record $772 million to settle bribery charges with US - 22 Dec 2014

The US Deputy Chief of Mission Kristen F. Bauer, the US Consul General Joaquin F. Monserrate and the US Military Attaché were in Surabaya on October 7, 2014.

The AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes dumped 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, the organization that provides travel insurance for AirAsia passengers, just days before the disappearance of Flight QZ8501.

On December 26, the Malaysian Insider reported that Fernandes, the founder of Tune Group Sdn Bhd which owns AirAsia, had sold a total of 944,800 shares in Tune Insurance Holdings Bhd, with 850,000 shares being dumped on December 22, and the other 94,800 being sold the day after.

The AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared .

In the fortnight before AirAsia Flight QZ8501 went missing, a mysterious user of the Chinese social media network Weibo, in dozens of posts, warned Chinese nationals not to use AirAsia.

He warned: "Do not become another victim of MH370".

He reported that AirAsia was about to be targeted by 'powerful' forces which he referred to as the 'black hand'. 

Did Mysterious Chinese Blogger Predict Disappearance of AirAsia Flight....

AirAsia flight QZ8501 disappeared during a flight from Surabaya to Singapore.

It disappeared off ADS-B tracking just south of the small island of Belitung.

AirAsia is headquartered in Malaysia.

A reported passenger manifest shows a total of 26 passengers who were scheduled to be aboard but are listed as no-shows.

Huffington Post

There was no distress call.

A relative of someone on the plane reportedly received a message via Blackberry Messenger stating that the plane had landed safely on Belitung.

Indonesian Ministry of Transportation spokesman JA Barata said he would follow this up.

Kemenhub Cari Kepastian Info BBM Pesawat Mendarat di ... - Translate this page quoted National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) Jakarta chief Sutrisno as saying that the agency’s radar did not detect the flight’s Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT).

Third Malaysia Plane Crash in 2014

The US military in Indonesia.

"Curiously, as in the cases of the previous missing or downed airliners, Flight 370 and Flight 17, there is a British/Australian/Dutch connection to this island, Belitung.

Did AirAsia flight QZ8501 Land at Belitung Island ....

"Belitung is a source of tin, clay, iron ore and silica sands. The Dutch mining company NV Billiton Maatschappij derives its name from the island’s name.

"Billiton merged with BHP in 2001 to form the largest diversified resources company, BHP Billiton...

"In the case of Flight 370, the flight was probably shot down by accident in the South China Sea during a war-games operation featuring participants from many nations including Australia and the United States.

"The search was diverted from that area, an area a witness claimed to have seen a passenger plane on fire in the sky, by military reports from a base operating in Malaysia run by the Australians and the Brits.

"It was diverted off the coast of Australia so they could essentially run the wild goose chase. It’s important to note the general population of that area are wary of U.S. and British military involvement as it is and that accidental downing of a commercial airliner would certainly cause a great deal of backlash for our colonial project over there.

"Of course, the TPP is also something to consider.

"In the case of Flight 17, the downing of that plane centered around the breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.

"It also just happened to take place right in the middle of a shale gas field being developed by Royal Dutch Shell. They had invested some 10 billion dollars in securing the rights to destroy that ecosystem and the rebellion in the east threatened to scrub their plans.

"Here we are now and it just so happens AirAsia flight QZ8501 may in fact have landed or been forced to land at an airstrip essentially controlled by the Brits, the Dutch and the Aussies."

Did AirAsia flight QZ8501 Land at Belitung Island ....


Our source for the recent Robert Finnegan story would appear to have got her facts wrong. 

We have removed the post. 

It is not the first time that this source has got things wrong, which makes us somewhat suspicious.

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