In the UK, Lawyer Tasnime Akunjee (above) is being got at by the Daily Mail's PAUL BRACCHI and CHRIS GREENWOOD.

Akunjee has said that the alleged killer of soldier Lee Rigby, Michael Adebolajo, was 'created' by the security services.

Akunjee has blamed the authorities for allowing jihadi schoolgirls to travel to Syria in order to join ISIS.

Paul Bracchi apparently does not believe that the Lee Rigby 'false flag' was organised by the Western security services.

Paul Bracchi apparently does not believe that ISIS is run by the Western security services.

According to Bracchi, Akunjee has given evidence to Members of Parliament "with his latest clients: the families of the three girls from Tower Hamlets, East London, who fled the UK to join Islamic State.

"Mr Akunjee denounced the authorities for allowing Kadiza Sultana, 16, and 15‑year-olds Shamima Begum and Amira Abase to leave Britain and reach Syria after going missing in December.

"He castigated the police for failing to inform their parents that a school friend had vanished in similar circumstances a few weeks earlier."

Paul Bracchi is the journalist who allegedly 'smeared' Ella Draper. (The Mail has not told us that - according to Ella Draper and friends: 1. Child abuse videos are made in Hampstead and at various locations in North London. 2. Members of the gang film, edit, translate and sell the movies around Europe, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. Medical reports suggest that Ella's children have been sodomised.) 

Bracchi writes: "Mr Akunjee's nauseating performance before MPs closely echoed preposterous claims made by 'human rights group' Cage last week that MI5 was responsible for radicalising Mohammed Emwazi, the IS butcher known to the world as Jihadi John."

Bracchi apparently believes the official story on ISIS.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Our last post about Paul Bracchi was removed by Google.

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