The journalist David Rose (above) is believed to work for MI5.

David Rose wrote that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam was linked to al Qaeda.

David Rose wrote that the reports of massive child abuse on the island of Jersey were not to be taken seriously.

David Rose has now written an article in the Mail 'debunking the Jimmy Savile hysteria'. 

You might think that any sensible blogger would ignore David Rose's stories.

John Ward

JOHN WARDat the blog called The Slog, is supporting David Rose.

John Ward refers to "the respected journalist David Rose."


John Ward's post appears at Mike Rivero's, at, at Investmentwatch and at a number of other 'alternative' sites.

Meanwhile, Aangirfan's material is banned in an increasing number of places.

Forum Message
You have been banned for the following reason:
As informed
Date the ban will be lifted: Never

We begin to suspect that almost all the big 'alternative' sites are now run by the spooks.

How do you tell which sites are suspect?

The suspect sites avoid referring to, and linking, the following:

The security services

Child abuse rings

Mind control

The suspect sites avoid referring to Dutroux being used by the security services.

The suspect sites will not mention: 

CIA brainwashing of a small girl. Six months of electro-shock and sensory deprivation to produce a mind controlled victim.

Anonymous writes:

It seems Mike Rivero is back to his old form.

At the top of his page is a prominent all-caps headline debunking the Jimmy Savile hysteria... 

John Ward certainly seems to focus on paedophiles but in what I would call a curious fashion...

It sounds outraged like Nabokov sounded outraged, which is to say, 'not'. You know what I mean? 

But who knows? I only gave him a brief half hour browse and it's possible he's not a disinfo scumbag. 

Oh, nearly forgot - no links (by Ward) to any other sites at all, nada, and no mention in any body of text of yourself nor coleman. 

Oh, and speaking of the word 'disinfo', it does appear at his blog but never in connection to paedophilia, which is almost comedic for those who've been subjected to it. Not him it seems.

Further searches found no discussion of MI5 apart from we might safely declare to be 'anodyne', ie. they are never mentioned in regard to paedophilia. 

The elite at Bohemian Grove and a small victim

Ward does discuss Cyril Smith and Leon Brittan and even the royals but in a curiously disconnected fashion. Oh, Ted Heath cops a mention but in what I would declare a semi-dismissive tone.

Interestingly his blog contains zero entries for the following: McGowan, Bowart, mkultra, Cathy O'brien, and (astoundingly) Dutroux. 

Admittedly the former are all American which Ward isn't. 

But Dutroux? 

Were we to ask him I expect he would tell us that paedophilia is here-and-there but 'global'? Nup, a thing to be dismissed.

Me, I mistrust him and his constant vibe of it's-not-as-bad-as-you-think but I'd stand to be corrected. 

Doubtless someone more familiar with his blog can nuance where he stands on things.

John Ward notwithstanding, and back to where we started, it comes as no surprise that Mike Rivero ex-NASA, ex-Magic Castle, is back to his old debunking-of-paedophile-hysteria capers.

Anyway, see what you think...

best etc. etc.

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