Simon Harris has links to some of the top people, such as Sir George Young (above) who has links to Sir Jimmy Savile.

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Over many years, Simon Harris sexually abused young boys.


Was Simon Harris working for the UK security services?

In the 1980's, Simon Harris sexually abused boys at Shebbear College, a private boarding school in Devon in the UK.


SHEBBEAR COLLEGE EXPEDITION TO NEPAL 1987. Simon C.D. Harris. Departs July 1, A 240-km trek for 16-18 year olds around the Annapurna Massif and across the Thorung La Pass {5379m}. Medical aid and school exchange projects in Kathmandu. Troy (Snowfaked) on Twitter.

Simon Harris sexually abused boys at Shebbear College but he was not prosecuted by the police.

However, Simon Harris was placed on the sex offenders' register for life.

And Simon harris was issued with a Foreign Travel Order - which bans sex offenders from travelling abroad.

The UK military's internment camp in Gilgil.

Between the early 1990s and the spring of 2013, Simon Harris spent six months a year in the Kenyan town of Gilgil.

Gilgil has military bases. Gilgil has links to 'false flag terrorism'. The US military has had plans to operate in Gilgil.

Some soldiers from Gilgil were involved in the Westgate shopping mall operation.

Two soldiers have been jailed for looting, says KDF (Terror unit probes Gilgil private school / A Kenyan School training TERRORISTS)


Simon Harris ran a charity called VAE, which helped arrange teaching placements in Kenya for British gap-year students.

Many charities are fronts for the security services.

In Kenya, Simon Harris raped 'thousands' of street children.

Some of the children were threatened by Simon Harris with death.

In 2004, Dan Ndiritu, who runs a Kenyan charity, Restart, reported Harris to the Kenyan police.

In 2013, a street child spoke about Harris's abuse to Channel 4 documentary-makers who were filming in Gilgil.

The authorities were eventually forced to put Simon Harris on trial in the UK.

One of Harris's victims, who gave evidence from Kenya via Skype, died in mysterious circumstances during the trial.

Michael Kamondia died on 7 December 2014, just days before the jury retired to consider their verdicts.

In December 2014, Simon Harris was found guilty of the sexual assault of children in Kenya.

Michael Adebolajo in Kenya. Reportedly he was working for MI5/MI6.

Kenya is a place of great interest to MI5 and MI6.


Was Simon Harris working for the UK security services?

How was Harris able to travel freely to Kenya?

Why was Harris unmonitored by West Mercia Police and social services, in spite of being on the sex offenders register?

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"It was 2001. I was just 19 and having elected to take a 'gap year' ... I'd decided to spend 6 months of it teaching in Kenya.

"Harris met us with some of his people and we drove to The Green House in two Landrovers.."

Fish and Chips: Kenya 2001: A Prologue.

Harambee Schools Kenya

Newsletter July 2003

Duke of Richmond [Charles Gordon-Lennox]

Lord Luce
Lord Howell of Guildford
Baroness Cumberlege
Sir George Young
Sir Anthony Evans
Sir John James

David Ashwanden
Rob Breare
Clifford Dann
Simon Harris
Will Snell


Simon Harris buddy Col. Vialou Clark's Langalanga Scholarship Kenya 

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