Back on 19th August 2011, a "dramatic crash scene" for the movie World War Z was being filmed in Glasgow's city centre.

It included a large refuse truck, as imaged above. (BBC News).

Continued here: Mirrors.


Anonymous says:

And yesterday we had a similar accident in Holland whereby two hikers were killed by a garbage truck


Are these drivers themselves victims of MK? 

Is this the way 'they' want to destroy our Christmas season? To me, it has all the characteristics of psycological warfare.  

Anonymous says:

Clutha Mk II, another hoax no doubt co-ordinated from London. 

Where was Jim Murphy this time? Not far away 

Anonymous says:

At least ten people were injured, two gravely, as a minivan crashed into a Christmas market in Nantes.

French prosecutors said the Dijon attacker has had a long history of severe mental illness, receiving psychiatric care over 150 times in the past 13 years, and had no terrorist motives.

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