Ella Draper.

We should remember that the Daily Mail, over many years, failed to expose Jimmy Savile and a host of other child abusers, including those at Haut de la Garenne, Bryn Estyn and Elm Guest House.

One of the Mail's journalists told us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

On 23 March 2015, The Daily Mail has an article on the Hampstead scandal written by PAUL BRACCHITIM STEWART and STEPHANIE CONDRON.

According to this article:

1. "To the outside world, at least, Ella Draper was a doting and caring mum. 

"Her son and daughter, aged eight and nine, seemed to want for nothing: they had private violin and swimming lessons."

 Abraham Christie

2. "Ella Draper and her partner Abraham Christie forced her two children to lie about sexual abuse and ritual torture in Hampstead, North London."

"Draper 'tortured' and 'brainwashed' her children into concocting the depraved story to prevent their father from gaining custody of them."

(The Mail does not tell us that - according to the children and their mother: 1. Child abuse videos are made in several Hampstead schools and at various other locations in North London, including a Hampstead church. 

(2. Members of the gang film, edit, translate and sell the movies around Europe, Russia, Ukraine and the USA. 

(3. The headmistress has a huge pink birth mark around her shaved front private. 

(4. One member of the gang regularly travels to Thailand and runs a lucrative child pornography and snuff movies business. The Hampstead gang includes: A man who runs a building company and who constructs secret rooms and escape routes.)

Ricky Dearman, who has links to Hollywood, Goa and Haiti.

3. "The two children falsely accused their father, actor Ricky Dearman, of leading the cult."

(The Mail fails to tell us that, according to Ella draper: Mr Dearman had secretly been abusing his children - Alisa and Gabriel - from an early age; when Alisa and Gabriel were around 3 - 4 years old Mr Dearman had introduced them to his child abuse gang; the children were repeatedly told that they would be killed if they spoke out.

(Reportedly, the children's medical reports state that the police had been called out on several occasions because Ricky Dearman, the father, was committing 'domestic violence.'

(Reportedly, the medical reports suggest that the children had been sodomised.

(According to Ella Draper: during this time Alisa and Gabriel were displaying very aggressive and disturbing behaviour inside and outside their home. In March 2009 the mother started legal proceedings, applying for a non-molestation order. 

(According to Ella draper: The children's behaviour started to worsen with the beginning of school in September 2013. Sometimes a kind of glaze would come over Gabriel's eyes, as if he was switching off from the reality. The children were observed to be indulging in unusual sexual behaviour at home.

(The mother's partner is a Mr Abraham Christie. According to Ella draper: Mr Christie grew suspicious about the children being abused. On one occasion Mr Christie tapped both Alisa and Gabriel on the head with a teaspoon following their extremely rude and disrespectful behaviour.

(Eventually the children told their mother that Mr Dearman had sodomised them and forced them to do oral sex. It was in August 2014, while on holiday, that Alisa and Gabriel told their mother about what was going on at the school. Ella Draper then contacted the police. In September 2014, there was a police interview of the children.)

4. The "children's headmistress is implicated ('Runs lucrative child pornography and snuff movies business'), together with a senior colleague ('lives in Highgate'), the local priest and dozens of local parents including company directors, advertising executives, small business owners and a national TV reporter - all of them branded child abusers."

5. "Police were deployed at Christ Church primary (rated 'outstanding' by Ofsted) to reassure parents, who considered removing their children because they feared they were at risk."

6. "At morning service at the church attached to Christ Church primary school yesterday, parishioners were confronted by a group of between 20 and 30 of Draper's supporters, who hurled abuse at them and held up their mobile phones to film them as they arrived.

"The group - or 'mob', some might say - were eventually moved on by the police."

7. "Originally from the city of Rostov in southern Russia, Ella Draper - or Ella Gareeva as she then was - attended Moscow State University, where she graduated with a masters degree in history of art.

"It was in Moscow in the Nineties that she met a British banker who would become her first husband (Mr Draper). 

"She became pregnant and moved to Britain around 17 years ago to raise their son; he still lives with his father (Mr Draper) in the Home Counties. 

"The marriage eventually ended, but she kept her married name and went on to have two children with the actor Ricky Dearman."

Havers - linked to a child abuse ring.

8. "Those who know Ella Draper point to the growing influence of her fortysomething boyfriend, Abraham Christie.

"The pair met three years ago.

"Christie has a history of criminality, which is spelled out in Mrs Justice Pauffley's judgment, including offences for violence, dishonesty and drugs."

(The Mail provides no reliable sources for its assertions.)

9. "We have established that Ella Draper has, indeed, fled abroad, fearing she may face criminal charges if she returns. She is believed to be in her home country of Russia.

"Her children remain in care, and it is understood their father sees them once a week. Attempts by the Mail to contact him failed."

(So, the Mail has apparently not interviewed any of the key players.

(It has apparently not interviewed Ricky Dearman, Ella Draper, Abraham Christie, the headmistress, the vicar, Alisa or Gabriel.)



Witness Statement by Ella Draper 21 March 2015 - https://hampsteadresearch.wordpress.com

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