The Hampstead Judgement Contains Basic Factual Errors.

Anonymous writes:

In France ... the same sick phenomena (Amidlisa, 'Réseau du Var')

Three children denounce their father.

2 brothers and their older sister witness child killings in front of cameras in their dad's hands as well as some of his friends ...

Last time, the children made testimony about the murder of a child, a couple of years ago, the toll was 16 children killed.

As with Alisa and Gabriel's protectors, the three were removed from the mother and protectors really fast. 

They're currently living with the "father".

Meanwhile the mother and grand father are both charged with defamation, without the police even having investigated...

The case is occurring in a region where a lot of 'very influential persons' live - Saint-Tropez area (South of France).

The father builds houses for billionaires; mason and owner of his company ...

The Child witnesses refer to "cellars", that their dad could have built.


“We’re concerned about reports that hundreds of children have been abducted from their families ... and trafficked to the UK, especially London, for religious rituals,” Kirsten Sandberg, head of the CRC and a former Norwegian Supreme Court judge, said Thursday.

UN warns Britain over child voodoo rituals, pedophile sex ....

Allegedly, the CIA's attempt to discredit Ella Draper involves Christine Ann Sands (above).

Allegedly, Christine Ann Sands' job is to infiltrate Ella Draper's supporters and then discredit them.

Reportedly, Ella Draper has advised her supporters to distance themselves from Christine Ann Sands.

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