Enoch Powell is a former top Conservative government minister.

In the UK, the Bishop of Durham, Paul Butler, has informed the police that Enoch Powell is linked to 'satanic ritual abuse'.

Above, we see Enoch Powell with the alleged Satanist Jimmy Savile.

Powell with some boys | History Today.

Powell was at one time close to former Prime Minister Edward Heath, who was allegedly a top Satanist. 

The Former Bishop of Monmouth, Dominic Walker, was first given information about Powell's reported links to satanic abuse in the 1980s.


Powell was a churchwarden of St. Margaret's, Westminster.

In 1965, Powell was a co-sponsor of a bill to bring about homosexual law reform.

Shortly after Powell died in 1998, it was revealed that Powell had admitted to a friend, Canon Eric James, that love poetry he had written as a youth had been intended for a man.

Conservatives often turn out to be gay and sometimes turn out to be child abusers.

Mountbatten was killed by a bomb in 1979.

In an interview with The Guardian on 9 January 1984, Enoch Powell claimed that the Americans murdered Lord Mountbatten and Margaret Thatcher's friend Airey Neave.

"The Mountbatten murder was a high-level 'job' not unconnected with the nuclear strategy of the United States" (Guardian 9th January 1984). Mountbatten was said to be in favour of nuclear disarmament.

Powell claimed the evidence came from a member of the Royal Ulster Constabulary with whom he had a conversation. 

(Simon Heffer, Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell, 1999, p. 881.)

Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been a visitor to Northern Ireland's Kincora children's home which "was run as a virtual gay brothel by loyalist leaders and MI5." 

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