"Jeffrey Epstein's wealth is built on a 'bizarre relationship' with single acknowledged client, Abercrombie & Fitch creator Leslie Wexner, one of America's most successful retailers."

"Wexner only married at the age of 56, several years after he first met Epstein...

"It would be ironic if the teen-loving masturbator had himself-two decades ago-got a little hand from an older and richer patron."

There have been rumors that Wexner and Epstein had actually been lovers.

Teen-Loving Epstein's Own Client.

The very respectable David Rockefeller. USA'S TOP FAMILIES.

Reportedly, some of the top people in the USA and elsewhere, enjoy the company of child sex slaves.


Above we see Jeffrey Epstein's girl Nadia Marcinko (Nada Marcinkova) landing at Teterboro airport.

Teterboro airport in New Jersey played a role in CIA renditions and in 9 11

Teterboro Airport


Above we see Nadia, apparently well in with the military, at Virginia Beach.

The US military has been linked to the trafficking of heroin and child sex slaves.

Reportedly, the modeling agent and scout Jean Luc Brunel (above) trafficked young girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

Brunel is the boss of the MC2 modeling agency.

The Sex-Trafficking Model Scout 8/04/10

It has been suggested that the CIA and Mossad may have assisted in the 'rendition' of the children.

Lolita Lvova, who has reportedly worked for MC2

Allegedly, Mossad and its friends control most of the politicians, generals, spy chiefs, judges, journalists and police chiefs through child sex, drugs and mind control.

Reportedly, the flight manifests of Epstein's planes indicate that Epstein's passengers were often underage sex traffic victims and sometimes people such as Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Larry Summers, and Chicago oligarch Thomas Pritzker.

The Czech republic, especially under the notorious Vaclav Havel (above), has been linked to child sex slavery.

Epstein's Boeing 727-31 was at Prague's Vaclav Havel International Airport in May 2004.

Reportedly, on the plane were Bill Clinton,Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of the 'Mossad spy' Robert Maxwell) Virginia Roberts, Cindy Lopez, Colleen, Tatianna, Margarita, Carolina, Lisa, Margaret, Dana, Julie, Jessica and Sarah Kellen.

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