Small turnout for the vote on Palestine in the UK parliament.

George Galloway, who allegedly works for MI6, did not vote to recognise Palestine as a state.

Palestine state vote in UK parliament: George Galloway abstains.

Less than half of the members of the UK parliament turned up to vote.

Robert Halfon (left) and former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar

Conservative MP Robert Halfon, who is Jewish, said that a Palestinian state "already exists in Jordan."

Robert claims to be the Member of Parliament for Harlow.

The Scottish National Party voted to recognise Palestine as a state.

Are some of the people who did not vote to recognise Palestine as a state members of Mossad-run pedophile rings?


"The Peoples Mandate".

EU to lose €40bn as result of Russia sanctions in 2014 ...

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Richest 1% now own half of world's wealth..



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