There is a suspicion that the police are protecting a Satanist group operating in Hampstead in London.

Above we see Edward Paisnel being arrested. 

Paisnel was a member of a Satanist group on the small island of Jersey, off the coast of Britain.

Paisnel was caught by accident in 1971 after jumping a red traffic light and being chased by the police.

Paisnel was a fan of the 15th-century Breton, Gilles de Rais, who murdered around 200 children.

The authorities discovered that Paisnel had a secret satanic chamber.

(Sir Peter Crill obituary - Times Online)

Paisnel claimed that he was a member of a Satanic group. 

File: /files/Religion/Wicca/witchcraftDeviltry.txt

Paisnel was sent to jail for abusing children, but, no other members of the 'Satanist group' were ever arrested.

The Human Beast )

Paisnel and his Satanist gang were allegedly protected by the police while he was committing his abductions and rapes of children during the period 1958 - 1971.

Peaches Geldof who died in mysterious circumstances.

"The kids (Alisa and Gabriel) remain in permanent foster care until they are 18.

"They are in Dartford, Kent, known as capital of 'paedophilia UK'."

"We dance with the skulls in the church"

(Dartford is associated with: PEACHES GELDOF and MICK JAGGER)

"The strange reaction of the staff accused by the children (Alisa and Gabriel) was weird.

"We dance with the skulls in the church"

"If I were the headmistress or a staffmember at that school, I would have immediately issued a statement with my lawyer, vigorously denying the children's videos, and I would have immediately had my privates photographed by a trusted gynecologist who would then issue an exonerating statement on my behalf -  and within 24 hours all fears and internet questions could have been resolved. 

"I would have opened up the school to all parents and any interested parties to show that hidden rooms described by the children did not exist. 

"Instead, however, the reaction was to delete the school's website and to delete facebook accounts and videos..."

"We dance with the skulls in the church"

"What I do think is that there is a coverup going on regarding some sort of an organized child prostitution and snuff/pedophilia film ring operating in Hampstead..

"Perhaps the school staff are 'fall guys' for a different organized abuse group...

"The possibilities are endless... All I know is that the kids were exploited."

"We dance with the skulls in the church"

Edward Paisnel (above, masked) had access to children in various care homes in Jersey, including La Preference (above) and Haut de la Garenne, where many children were allegedly tortured and murdered.


Many top people visited Jersey, including Sir Jimmy Savile, Sir Edward Heath, Sir Cliff Richard and the Kray Twins.

Edward Paisnel, the 'Beast of Jersey', was a Satanist who abused young children.

He regularly attacked children by entering their homes.

The attacks, on the small island of Jersey, went on for over 11 years.

Paisnel was the son in law of the woman in charge of La Preference children's care home, Florence Walden.

According to a witness at the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry, speaking on 17 February 2015, Paisnel would transport young boys around Jersey in a grey van, late at night.

Witness claims 'Beast of Jersey' terrorised him

The Beast of Jersey's mask.

Paisnel's wife, Joan, helped run La Preference children's care home.

The Jersey inquiry has heard that she abused children.

Edward Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, was the son of wealthy Jersey landowners.

Paisnel, the Beast of Jersey, visited Jersey's Haut de la Garenne orphanage dressed as Father Christmas during his reign of terror in the 1960s

(Notorious paedophile dubbed the 'Beast of Jersey' linked to ...)

Princess Alexandra and 'the Fatman' Senator Wilfred Krichefski . Senator Wilfred Krichefski raped boys at the children's home known as Haut de la Garenne. Jersey care inquiry: Wilfred Krichefski raped boys.

1. February 24, 2008: It was reported that Jersey Police had found a child's remains at a former children's home in Jersey.

"Detectives said they expected to discover more bodies at the former Haut de la Garenne home...

"The three-month investigation into child abuse at several government institutions on the island took a harrowing turn with the discovery yesterday morning of the partial remains, believed to date from the 1980s."

Body found amid fears of child abuse ring on Jersey

2. "Jersey’s Health Minister was sacked after he blew the whistle on a harsh punishment regime in a home where children as young as 11 were kept in solitary confinement.

"Stuart Syvret, the island's longest-serving and most popular senator, had accused ministers, civil servants and social workers of failing to protect children but he was forced out ... after losing a vote of confidence in Jersey’s parliament, the States.

"He claimed to have been defeated by the 'one-party oligarchy' of the Jersey establishment."

Minister Sacked After Exposing Child Abuse

Haut de la Garenne. "The expert in the UK who had examined the first bones we sent (which included a piece of child's tibia) said that they were very likely the bones of a juvenile human, they had been burnt shortly after death and buried shortly after burning."

3. "One man who was in the home for several years in the 1960s told how his 14-year-old best friend, Michael Collins, ran away from the home and was found hanged from a tree."

"Remains discovered five years ago were dismissed as animal bones and disposed of, despite being found in close proximity to children's shoes."

paedophile was known to visit children’s home

4. "Jersey Police, following up a series of convictions for sexual offences involving officers from the island's Sea Cadet Corps, say they began to notice links between victims in those cases, and a number of island institutions, including Haut de la Garenne."

(BBC NEWS World Europe Jersey Investigating Jersey's 'abuse ...)

"It’s alleged child abuse has been concealed in the area for many years and the trail could lead right to the top of Jersey’s citizens."

Jersey's Chief Minister Deny Claims Children Were Murdered at ... / Endemic abuse at home: ex-RUC officer

The police and MI5 are alleged to have links to child abuse in Northern Ireland and elsewhere in the UK.

Child abuse and murder are part of mind control, as used by the CIA and its friends.


Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is seen here visiting the Tavistock, which has been linked to mind control.

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