The mother of Alisa and Gabriel reported to the police that her children had been sexually abused by their father.

Now, certain lawyers want the video 'Papa Kills Babies' removed from the internet

The following is from a blog post entitled: Serious satanic child abuse in the UK

"Six days after reporting the crimes to Barnet Police on 05 September 2014, the children were taken into ‘protective custody’ and subsequently to two different foster carers.

"Medical examinations initiated by the Police confirmed scarring in the rectum area of both children.

"The hearing of the boy is impaired due to the father’s hitting and excessive shouting.

"Two weeks later, the Police told her that the children retracted the allegations and that the investigation was closed.

"The explanation was that the children made their story up from the film The Mask of Zorro. Strangely, this film has been used in another case as an excuse, I am told...

"The mother is now in family court proceedings, being accused of not being able to protect her children.


"The confessions were triggered by her then partner noticing that the children were touching each other sexually as well as a dog. Their reports were recorded on video and conducted by the mother and her partner in separate conversations with the boy and the girl.

"Their remarkable details confirmed their respective allegations and experiences and were accompanied by diary pages and drawings that include the private parts of teachers.

"Since 11 September, the father has more contact with the children than the mother or the Russian grandparents who have observed the effects of coaching and brainwashing, already apparent in the Police videos produced on 17 September, six days after the snatch...

 Child Snatching is one of Seven Deadly Syndromes and Seven Media Cover-Ups.

"John Hemming MP has over 2,000 cases on file with his campaigning organisation Justice for Families...

"Filthy Britain is on the Coleman Experience who publishes that there are “hundreds of satanic paedophile rings in existence throughout the UK and many are quite horrifyingly taking place in primary schools.”"


Continued here: Serious satanic child abuse in the UK

About Andy Wiener

Dr. Andy Wiener (above), a child psychiatrist, is responsible for the day to day running of all the Camden Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services provided by the Tavistock.

Hampstead is within the area known as Camden.

About Andy Wiener

18 July, 2013 - Investigation launched into 'cluster' of teenage suicides

In 2013, an investigation was launched into a “cluster” of suicides, including Camden teenagers.

Hampstead is within the area known as Camden.

One of the teenagers committed suicide while in the care of Tavistock and Portman Trust.

The report said that in 2012-13 there were 14 deaths of children and teenagers under 18 in Camden.

Anonymous writes:

"Interesting angle that seems to be missing, is that next to Hampstead's Royal Free Hospital is the Tavistock and Portman.

"Tavistock covers up Child abuse such as this case where the child was put in foster care and then abused by the foster parents.

"Strangely her diary had missing pages and she was killed in a car crash."

Camden Social Services Killed Salma

"Andy Wiener a therapist mentioned in the above link has allegedly made a career out of covering up abuse and using suggestive therapy on abuse victims

Tallulah, aged 15 | AntiDepAware

"Tavistock also work closely with Corum, who together have turn child snatching into a million pound industry."


"And onto the Portman which is the No1 NHS facility treating paedophiles, but you have to question what motives when you read stories like this...

"Children's unit to be moved to new location just metres away from paedophile therapy centre."

Children's unit to be moved to new location just metres away...

"CEO Matthew Patrick who is mentioned in above link is now leader of Mental Health in UK, and has allegedly colluded in child abuse cover up and now has close links with Nick Clegg."

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Picture: Nigel Sutton

In February 2014, Google was visiting Christ Church Primary School in Hampstead (above).

Google has been teaching nine-to 11-year-olds at Christ Church Primary School.

Dominik Grewe, 27, a software engineer at Google, is one of those involved.

The McDonald's on Hampstead High Street

In November 2013, it was reported that the branch of McDonald's on Hampstead High Street was closing down.

Upmarket Hampstead says goodbye to controversial McDonald's ....

The opening of McDonald's in Hampstead High Street in 1993.

Channel 4 News investigated abuse suffered by pupils at two private schools 'run by a cult'.

Cult Education - Abuse at 'cult' schools

Channel 4 News, London/March 15, 2006
By Victoria MacDonald

Gathered together for the first time in decades are former pupils of private schools, St James and St Vedast, all of whom claim to have either been physically and mentally abused or to have witnessed it while at these schools between 1975 and 1985.

Ex-student Tom Grubb said: "I was witness to a whole catalogue of abuse. There were public beatings with cricket bats, ropes, rulers.

"I saw people thrown across the classroom, struck around the head. That happened to me. I have particularly painful memories of that." Another ex-student, Matt Wolfe said: "One of the teachers actually just dragged me into a room and just started basically beating me up."

Current parents began to ask questions, forcing the Governors of the remaining schools, St James junior and the senior boys and girls to take the unprecedented step of holding an independent inquiry into the allegations...

Chaired by James Townend QC, the findings, just published, are divided into two - one part has been made public, the second remains confidential, naming teachers involved in the beatings. 

In his findings Mr Townend QC states:

"I am satisfied that several boys were subjected to rough handling. They were criminally assaulted by being punched in the face or in the stomach, cuffed violently about the head, had blackboard rubbers thrown at them causing injury in some cases, had cricket balls thrown at them violently when they were not looking at the thrower and were struck with the end of a gym rope.

"Other students were kicked, struck from behind, slapped about the face, thrown across a classroom. Whatever the provocation nothing could justify this mistreatment. It was clearly unreasonable and criminal."

Another former student, Paul Feldberg, told Channel 4 News about the abuse he saw and suffered.

"A boy in my class was punished in front of us and that was done by pulling his trousers down and hit with his own shoes. So from the age of four, my first week at school, I was aware this was going to be the kind of climate."

But these were not and still are not just ordinary schools. Once based in north London and Kensington, they were founded by the School of Economic Science, a little-known organisation, described by its proponents as an educational charity, and by its detractors, as a cult.

Jimmy Savile's friend Esther Rantzen has been a long-time Hampstead resident.

Hampstead's Esther Rantzen.


Lawyers want 'Papa Kills Babies' removed from the internet 


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Thousands raped & sexually abused in British prisons – report

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