The Duke of Windsor and Joseph Goebbels in Berlin in 1937

Andrew Morton has written a new book on 'Edward, the Nazi King of England'.


Edward VIII's family had German origins and some of his relations in Germany were Nazis.

Of course, it was not just Edward VIII who was a fan of 'fascism'.

Much of the elite in the UK has always been somewhat 'fascist'.

In 1939, however, there was apparently a split between the 'Zionist fascists' such as Churchill and the 'pro-Hitler' fascists, such as Edward.

Edward had been forced to give up the throne in 1936, and had become the Duke of Windsor.

Edward married the hermaphrodite Wallis Simpson, whose mother was Alice Montague.

Some of the top people in the UK suspected that Wallis Simpson was a spy and that it was unsuitable to have Edward and Wallis heading the monarchy.

According to journalist Paul Foot, "the American state files produce clear evidence that Wallis was hired as an agent for American Naval Intelligence."

Wallis Simpson - Spartacus Educational

Hitler believed Edward had been ousted by Churchill, who had manoeuvred him into a dubious marriage.

According to Morton, Edward wanted a deal with Hitler, whereby Edward would regain the throne, and the UK would make peace with Germany.

Edward saw Churchill as being part of a cabal that, as in 1914, wanted a war.

To complicate matters, there is a belief that Hitler was secretly having his strings pulled by the pro-war cabal, of which Churchill was a member.

Churchill's mother, Jennie Jerome, was an American Jewess, born in Brooklyn.

Many of Hitler's backers were wealthy Americans, such as the Bush family, who may have thought that they could make a lot of money from supplying both sides in a World War.

The main result of World War II was that the American elites saw their European and Asian rivals much weakened.

There is a belief that Hitler might have been mind controlled. He certainly spent a lot of time watching Disney cartoons.

Greg Hallett claims that Hitler spent February to November 1912 being mind-controlled by the Tavistock in Devon and in Ireland.

It would appear that since at least the 1930s, the USA has been the centre of a vast secret fascist network. Top Americans financed Hitler and carried on his work after World War II.

Morton's book refers to microfilm reportedly found by the allies, in Germany, during the last days of the war.

The microfilm reportedly contained correspondence relating to Edward and his links to Adolf Hitler.

Reportedly, Edward thought that the bombing of British cities would force the United Kingdom to make peace, and then Edward could again become King.

The historian John Costello later described the Duke's attitude as 'tantamount to treason'.

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