Is Prison Planet Editor Paul Joseph Watson MI6, or, a Shapeshifting Reptilian ?

Paul Joseph Watson says that, in the Charlie Hebdo attack, the shooting of the policeman in the street was real.

Watson says: "I have been bombarded with messages from people calling me a 'shill'".


Paul Joseph Watson, who is British, is allegedly a direct descendant of the spooky Bertrand Russell.

Paul Joseph Watson Direct Descendant of ...

The other Alex Jones.

In 2010, Prison Planet's Alex Jones claimed that "The reason there are so many gay people now is because it's a chemical warfare operation…

"I have the government documents where they said they're going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals so people don’t have children."

In June 2008, Alex Jones claimed the US dollar would drop by 90% in value by 2010.

We don't think Alex Jones is a 'shill'.

It's just that he's a gun-loving conservative.

Boy from Charleroi in Belgium, near the home of Marc Dutroux, who allegedly worked for the security services. ( the world's worst ...)

Most of the American 'truth' bloggers who are conservatives see things in black and white and don't understand complexity and ambiguity.

We have relations in the USA who are top academics, but we have found that they do not know too much about what happens outside of the USA. 

Our Texan relations know nothing about the Piazza Fontana bombing, or Jacqueline Smolders or Manuel Shadwald or Mink Kok.


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