Jihadi John, above, was bullied and brainwashed into becoming an asset of MI5, reportedly.

The following is a message sent to the Mail on Sunday by Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John.

'I'm a dead man walking': Jihadi John tells of paranoia at being shadowed by MI5 before he went to Syria in bombshell ....

The Sunday Mail, which is reportedly run by MI5, adds a lot of 'spin' to the story. It tells us of Mohammed's links to al Qaeda, but fails to tell us that al Qaeda is reportedly run by the CIA and its friends.

Mohamed Sakr (above) attended Quintin Kynaston school.

Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John) attended Quintin Kynaston school at the same time as Mohamed Sakr.

Mohamed Sakr was a friend of Mohammed Emwazi.

Mohammed Emwazi.

Quintin Kynaston school is close to the Tavistock in Hampstead.

The Tavistock is associated with mind control.

The Tavistock Institute is the founding organisation that set up The Tavistock Clinic in Hampstead.

In 2012, Mohamed Sakr "was killed by a US drone strike" in Somalia.

Sakr's Egyptian-born parents Gamal and Eman Sakr blame the UK government for bullying their son.

Parents of British man killed by US drone.

Gamal Sakr at his home in London. 

Mohamed Sakr was born in London in 1985.

His mother says: "He was very popular amongst his friends, yet very quiet at the same time, very polite, he was just a normal child."

In 2007 he set up an executive car valeting business.

Mohamed and his younger brother visited the family of a girlfriend in Dubai.

Mohamed was questioned for 'at least three hours' by immigration officials on his return to the UK.

The Sakrs both say that Mohamed suffered repeated police 'harassment', being stopped on numerous occasions by plain-clothes officers.

Parents of British man killed by US drone.

In February 2012, news agencies reported that a high-ranking Egyptian al Qaeda official (Mohamed Sakr) had been killed in a US drone strike in Somalia.

Al Qaeda is reportedly run by the CIA and its friends.

William Vahey's home was in Belsize Park, near to the Tavistock in Hampstead.

Vahey drugged and raped large numbers of children.

Some people suspect that Vahey worked for the security services.

William Vahey.

Reportedly Mohammed Emwazi is a former pupil of Quinton Kynaston school in Marlborough Road, St John's Wood, right next to Hampstead, in London.

'Jihadi John'.

The Washington Post claims that Emwazi is Jihadi John, the star of the CIA's 'fake' ISIS beheading videos.

Photograph: Harry Page/Daily Mirror

Above we see Tony Blair with Jo Shuter, known as his favourite headteacher, at Quintin Kynaston school in London, in September 2006.

Mohammed Emwazi was specially selected to meet Tony Blair.

Quintin Kynaston (above) is not far from the Tavistock in Hampstead.


ISIS reportedly works for the UK government and its allies, its purpose being to attack Assad, break up Iraq, help create a Greater Israel and eventually attack Russia and China.

Iraqi Army Downs Two British Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIS.

Emwazi has a degree in computing from the University of Westminster.

According to the campaign group Cage, Emwazi has been in constant contact with the security service MI5.

Jihadi John suspect very 'gentle'

MI5 apparently persistently tried to recruit him after he graduated from university.



MI5 and MI6 are believed to have recruited a number of 'Moslems' over the years, including:


Haroon Rashid Aswat (The mastermind of the London Tube Bombings - 'ASWAT OF MI6')


Popular Egyptian singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim has released a new song accusing President Obama of supporting ISIS and Hamas.

Rahim sings:

We don’t want anything from you Obama. Now the people of Egypt know that you are the man of ISIS and Hamas…

ISIS for Dummies | Rehmat's World.

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