The BBC's Andrew Marr (above) reportedly works for MI5, and so his views on 'who is running the World' are interesting.

In the current edition of Prospect magazine, Andrew Marr briefly refers to pedophile rings within governments.

Marr notes a big decline in trust in the politicians and parliament.

He tells us that the chief executives of the big global companies, the Lords of Money, are running the show.

Marr does not mention how many of these top people are friends of Israel, or friends of pedophile rings or friends of the CIA

Marr fails to mention the idea that MI5 and its friends run the top pedophile rings.

Marr makes no mention of Bilderberg.

Andrew Marr.

Former MI5 boss Stella Rimington "sacked Andrew Marr from the general INSET graduate trainee course (1980) because he dared to ask her 'girlfriend' (new recruit on course) to dance.

"Marr never graduated to become an officer like his comrade-in-arms, Richard Tomlinson.

"He has been used and run as an MI5 agent, ever since."

mi5-mi6 royal arch masons

Andrew Marr and someone who is not his wife.

Andrew Marr has written a novel entitled Head Of State: "a darkly comic Westminster thriller with lashings of corruption, murder and sex."

A quote from the novel:

"'I'm going to grind you into the dust.

"I’m going to have you weeping. 

"'And after that I’m going to f*** you,' she said, turning on her heel and leading him up a spiral staircase to the rooftop."

Marr's novel is set in 2017 when 'Hillary Clinton is US president.'

In 2008, Marr was granted a ‘super-injunction’ by the High Court to prevent reporting of an affair Marr had had with a female journalist - or any disclosure that an injunction existed.

In the current edition of Prospect magazine, Andrew Marr refers to the following:

1. In the UK, the percentage of those who trust the government is only 17% (British Social Attitudes Study 2013)

2. 'Mafia-gilded' traders, in microseconds, can remove $1000 billion dollars from financial markets.

No longer British.

3. Foreigners have bought up Britain's nuclear power stations, airports, car industry etc.

4. There are low UK tax bills for the foreign owned Google, Starbucks, Amazon and Boots the chemist.

5. If the UK leaves the European Union, British businesses could be more at the mercy of US and Chinese companies.

6. Certain bosses of the big global corporations oppose the YES campaign for Scottish independence.

"Marr points to a growth in support for independent and non-traditional parties as evidence of a ‘new politics’, and most significantly, he observes the forthcoming referendum in Scotland has generated ‘a better-informed and more vigorously active political debate than at any time in his lifetime’."

Andrew Marr asks Who Runs Britain?



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