Mikaeel and Rosdeep.

On 25 August 2014, we learnt that Rosdeep Adekoya, who recently pleaded guilty to killing her son Mikaeel, may be out of jail in seven years time.


Rosdeep was involved with a top gangster and with cocaine.

And possibly with a pedophile ring; and possibly with the security services?

Rosdeep and Mikaeel gritting his teeth.

Rosdeep did not face a murder trial.

"Some local people claimed the decision to avoid a murder trial had been taken to protect the police and social services, whose failings were never heard in court as a result...

"Five thousand local residents have signed a petition protesting at the failure of prosecutors to pursue a murder charge against Adekoya, who had five children...

"Mikaeel and his twin sister were twice taken into foster care by social workers in Fife, but were handed back to their mother. 

"Authorities were repeatedly warned about her neglect, including that she was leaving them home alone while she partied for days at a time with drug dealers."


Mohammed Omar Abdi and Rosdeep Kular. 

In May 2013, Mohammed Omar Abdi, a Pakistani originally from Kenya, was arrested after a major drug seizure in the Edinburgh area.

Abdi's father Omar is an Imam at the Edinburgh Central Mosque. 

Abdi was released on bail and then shot dead. 

Ali Hussein Mohammed was arrested in Kenya in connection with the killing of Abdi.

Samantha Lewthwaite stayed at the home of a Musa Hussein Abdi.


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