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"The popularity of newspapers had already significantly diminished between 1980 and 1995, well before the internet age."

Newspaper circulations inevitably declined when more and more people began to realise that the newspapers are not telling the truth on the big issues.

Most newspapers provide subtle propaganda for the rich elite - the Robber Barons and Feudal Lords.

In the years 2010-13, The Washington Post's average daily paid circulation declined 14% to 480,166.
ISIS Bombshell Interview.

In the UK, in December 2014, the daily newspaper average circulation figures showed some steep declines.

The Sunday Mail  - 220,098, down 13.9% 

Daily Star - 426,300, down 13.31%

Sunday Post - 188,670, down 12.92%

The Guardian - 177,880, down 12.4%

The Daily Telegraph - 485,513, down 10.17%

2014 national ....

Newspapers can increase their circulations.

When the Sunday Herald newspaper recently declared its support for Scottish independence it experienced a 111% cent year on year increase in circulation.

Sunday Herald reports doubling of circulation.

Prior to 2004, the Sunday Herald had a healthy circulation and it came up with some good stories on links between the security services and 9/11, Lockerbie and Northern Ireland.

Five Israelis were seen filming as jet liners ploughed into the ....

In 2003, the Sunday Herald was taken over by an American company (Newsquest - a Gannett company)

In 2004, the Sunday Herald editor Andrew Jaspan resigned and moved to Australia.

Under Gannett, the Sunday Herald, became a joke, until it started supporting Scottish independence.

However, the Sunday Herald, under Gannett, still spews out 'propaganda'.

A Man Has Been Charged With Kidnapping a Boy as Part of Sex-Trafficking.

Police in swoop on 45 more men over child sex grooming.

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