Saudi Arabia has turned against ISIS (aka IS / ISIL).

The top Saudis realise that Israel wants to grab a part of Saudi Arabia and make it a part of Greater Israel.

In February 2014, Egypt's General Al-Sissi sent to the Saudi government the Muslim Brotherhood’s detailed plan to seize power in Saudi Arabia.

Thierry Meyssan, at, writes:

1. Saudi Arabia has given the signal for the destruction of ISIS.

But, ISIS is supported by Turkey and Israel among others.

2. ISIS entered Iraq in columns of brand new Humvees, straight from US American Motors factories and armed with Ukrainian materials, also new. With this equipment they seized the US weapons of the Iraqi Army.

ISIS would appear to be armed with French weapons.

3. ISIS has civil administrators instantly capable of taking over the management of the conquered territories and communications specialists that promote its activities on the Internet and on television; personnel obviously trained at Fort Bragg.

4. Reuters, in January 2014, reported that a secret session of Congress voted to finance and arm the forces working with ISIS until September 30, 2014 [1].

5. In early 2014, Al-Arabiya boasted that Prince Abdul Rahman was the real leader of ISIS. [2]

Saudi king's ex-wife begs Obama...

6. In February 2014, the US Secretary of Homeland Security brought together major European Interior Ministers in Poland asking them to maintain European jihadists in Iraq and Syria by prohibiting their return to their countries of origin, so that ISIS would be numerous enough to attack Iraq. [3]

7. In February 2014, a two-day seminar at the US National Security Council was attended by heads of allied secret services involved in Syria, to prepare the ISIS offensive in Iraq. [4]

John McCain with al Baghdadi, front left, boss of ISIS.

8. For 35 years, Saudi Arabia has financed and armed Sunni Moslem jihadis.

Saudi Arabia has financed the jihadis in Libya and Syria.

9. But, Saudi Arabia was worried by the (CIA-Mossad-NATO-run) Arab Spring's toppling of Mubarak.

King Abdullah saved the Egyptian economy when General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, having become President of Egypt, sent Abdullah (and also the UAE) a complete copy of the police records of the Muslim Brotherhood.

General Al-Sissi transmitted, in February 2014, the Muslim Brotherhood’s detailed plan to seize power in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Some plotters were arrested; Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates threatened Qatar, the sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Boys dancing for Moslem men. "Beardless boys are not regarded as male, so sex with them is not considered as homosexuality." Islam / SEX AND MOSLEMS

10. The Saudi leaders also learnt that ISIS was to be used to attack Saudi Arabia.

In August 2014, the grand imam of Al-Azhar University, Ahmad al-Tayyeb, severely condemned ISIS and Al-Qaeda. He was followed the next day by the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Shawki Allam [9]

In August 2014, the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul-Aziz Al al-Sheikh, declared that ISIS  and Al Qaeda were enemies of Islam.[11]


11. In August 2014, with the assistance of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates bombed terrorists in Tripoli (Libya) who included those led by Abdelhakim Belhaj, former number three of al Qaeda, appointed military governor of Tripoli by NATO. [10]

It seems that this action was undertaken without informing Washington.

11. Iraqi oil stolen by the ISIS travels through Turkey to Israel.

It is loaded at the Turkish port of Ceyhan on oil tankers which then travel to Israel, before returning to Europe.

Meeting of Ministers of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and ... Qatar in Jeddah, August 24, 2014, to deal with ISIS. Jordan was represented at this summit.

Thierry Meyssan concludes:

It is unclear whether the current situation is staged or reality.

Does the United States really have the intention of destroying ISIS which they created?

Do Israel and Turkey support ISIS on behalf of the USA?

Will the the Saudis resort to allying themselves with Iran and Syria, bringing down Israel’s protective buffer?


Saudi Arabia Arrests 88 Terrorism Suspects...


There may be some top Saudis who are supporting ISIS?

There is a succession struggle in Saudi Arabia.

In March 2014, King Abdullah , the 89-year-old reigning king, promulgated a royal decree stating that next king will be Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - age 78 - and after him, Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud - age 68.

In June 2014, Abdullah presided over a meeting of the Saudi National Security Council (NSC) to order all necessary measures be taken to defend the kingdom from the Sunni terrorist group ISIS

In early 2014, Al-Arabiya newspaper boasted that Prince Abdul Rahman was the real leader of ISIS. [2]

In 2011, Prince Abdul Rahman was sacked from his post as a deputy minister. 

Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported that he was dismissed by King Abdullah after being unhappy at being bypassed for selection as Crown Prince in favor of the late Prince Nayef and subsequently refusing to declare allegiance to the latter.[8]

In July 2014, Abdullah appointed Prince Khaled bin Bandar bin Abdul Aziz to be chief of Saudi General Intelligence.


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