Prostitutes in Iran are over-dressed?

When I lived in the world's largest Moslem country, I noted that few Moslems took their Moslem religion all that seriously.

Quite a few people would smoke and drink during Ramadan. 

Teen girls wore short skirts.

Near many mosques there would be places where young ladies were available for entertainment.

The best of the Indonesian population were more Buddhist than Moslem in their behaviour. 

And that is why Indonesians are among the most friendly people in the world.

Those Indonesians who emphasised their 'Moslem credentials' were those who wanted to win elections; or those suffering from temporary fear of the unknown (such as being arrested).

Very Jewish?

I have known members of the family of a Saudi prince and my impression was that they were just as worldly as Billy Graham, Ted Haggard, Tony Blair or Jimmy Savile.

About the only 'serious' Moslems in Indonesia are those working for the CIA-influenced Indonesian State Intelligence Agency, MI6, the CIA, Mossad and their friends in Saudi Arabia's Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah.

A very Jewish sort of religion?

It's no different in North Africa.

The best Moslems in North Africa are the friendly, liberal peasants, who often know little of the details of their religion.

Of course the CIA and Mossad have poured billions into promoting the Islamists - as a way of wrecking Moslem countries.

Currently the CIA and Mossad are promoting ISIS as a way of destroying Syria and Iraq.

Mohammad's mother was Jewish - and real Moslems are no more religious than real Jews.

Iranian clerics prefer boys.

And now The Economist is telling us that ordinary Iranians are losing interest in the mosque!

Take it or leave it - The Economist

According to The Economist:

1. Travelling around Iran "you will find few shoes at prayer time outside these rooms in bus stations, office buildings and shopping centres...

 "Calls to prayer have become rare, too."

2. The daughter of a high cleric says that "religious belief is mostly gone. 

"Faith has been replaced by disgust." 

Iranians "are sick of being preached at and have stopped listening."

Typical British Moslems? HOT SEX IN ROTHERHAM

3. Saeed Laylaz, a noted Iranian economist, says: "The country is Islamic in much the same way that Italy is Catholic.

"Everyone professes to believe, but in private we cheat on our taxes and our wives."

4. A recent survey by Iran’s parliament suggests that 80% of unmarried women have boyfriends.

Take it or leave it - The Economist

The world might be a better place if a Jew had not invented Islam?

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