All graphs from the Financial Times - 3 December 2014.

The above graph shows that, in the UK, people are borrowing more and more money.

Most people are worse off than they were before 2008.

The so-called growth of the UK economy is based largely on borrowed money.

The UK government is also borrowing too much money.

The above graph shows that the UK is not doing well in terms of exports.

In the UK, tax revenues have been falling.

Less money is coming in by way of income tax.

#CameronMustGo viral on Twitter.

Margaret Thatcher made the big mistake of thinking that the Banks and Financial Service Industries were all that were needed to make Britain prosper.

Thatcher privatised the railways and the energy industry.

A recent poll published in The Times showed that a majority of the British want the Railways and the Energy Companies to be nationalised.

Inequality is the main problem.

The rich elite have too much money. The ordinary citizens have too little.

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