If the Powers-That-Be want David Cameron's Conservative Party to be re-elected in the May 2015 General Election, all they need to do is to rig the vote in a relatively few marginal constituencies.

Currently (March 2015) the Conservatives are on 34%, Labour on 30%, UKIP on 15%, the Greens on 8%, and the Liberal Democrats on 5%.

In Scotland the Scottish National Party is on 46%.

The Scottish National Party is predicted to win most of the seats in Scotland.

Election 2015: Your complete guide to predictions about Scotland - New Statesman-13 Mar 2015

Among the most marginal constituencies are:

1. Hampstead and Kilburn

At the last election, Labour had a majority of 42 in the constituency of Hampstead and Kilburn.

Simon Marcus is the Conservative candidate. Tulip Siddiq is the Labour candidate.

2. North Warwickshire

At the last election, the Conservative had a majority of 54 over Labour.

3. Thurrock

At the last election, the Conservative had a majority of 92 over Labour.

4. Bolton West
At the last election, Labour had a majority of 92 over the Conservatives.

5. Hendon

At the last election, the Conservative had a majority of 106 over Labour.

If the election is not rigged, then the Scottish National Party can be expected to win all of the following:

(The table shows the 'swing' required to win the seat)
Ochil and South PerthshireLAB5.1388
Argyll and ButeLD6.3364
Dundee WestLAB9.8018
Ayrshire North and ArranLAB10.7284
Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and StrathspeyLD11.0107
Aberdeen NorthLAB11.0886
Caithness and SutherlandLD11.1078
Aberdeenshire West and KincardineLD11.3685
Edinburgh WestLD11.3775
Edinburgh EastLAB11.5151
Linlithgow and East FalkirkLAB12.1992

Perth and North PerthshireSNP4.5361
Banff and BuchanSNP5.2345
Berwickshire, Roxborough and SelkirkLD5.7892

Edinburgh SouthLAB6.5786

There are 19 Labour-held Scottish constituencies where the swing from Labour to the Scottish National Party is over 20%.

East Renfrewshire

Airdrie & Shotts
Glasgow Central

Edinburgh South West
Glasgow North
Glasgow North West
Glasgow North East
Glasgow South
Glasgow South West

Paisley & Renfrewshire South
West Dunbartonshire
Glasgow East

Dundee West
Motherwell & Wilshaw

More here: Election 2015: Your complete guide to predictions about Scotland - New Statesman-13 Mar 2015


Here are some more marginals:

Southampton Itchen Labour 192
Ashfield Labour 192
Cardiff North Conservative 194
Dorset Mid & Poole North Liberal Democrat 269
Norwich South Liberal Democrat 310
Edinburgh South Labour 316
Stockton South Conservative 332
Bradford East Liberal Democrat 365
Swansea West Labour 504
Newton Abbot Conservative 523
Wirral South Labour 531
Chesterfield Labour 549
Wolverhampton SW Conservative 691
Carlisle Conservative 853
Harrogate & Knaresborough Conservative 1,039
Lincoln Conservative 1,058
P'mouth Sutton & Dev'port Conservative 1,149
Montgomeryshire Conservative 1,184
Brighton Pavilion Green 1,252
Birmingham Edgbaston Labour 1,274
Brent Central Liberal Democrat 1,345
Bedford Conservative 1,353
Dewsbury Conservative 1,526
Sutton & Cheam Liberal Democrat 1,608
Wakefield Labour 1,613
Newport East Labour 1,650
Middlesbrough S and Cleveland E Labour 1,677
Enfield North Conservative 1,692
Edinburgh North & Leith Labour 1,724
Burnley Liberal Democrat 1,818
Dundee East SNP 1,821
Hove Conservative 1,868
Manchester Withington Liberal Democrat 1,894
Northampton North Conservative 1,936
Brentford & Isleworth Conservative 1,958
Hastings & Rye Conservative 1,993
Nuneaton Conservative 2,069
Ipswich Conservative 2,079
B'pool N & Cleveleys Conservative 2,150
Dunbartonshire East Liberal Democrat 2,184
Bury North Conservative 2,243
Southampton Test Labour 2,413
Gloucester Conservative 2,420
Tooting Labour 2,524
Wyre Forest Conservative 2,643
Winchester Conservative 3,048

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