The USA's ABC TV network falsely described footage of Gaza homes, which were destroyed by the Israeli Defense Forces, as belonging to Israelis.

The wrongly-attributed footage accompanied a report by ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer entitled 'Under Attack', describing how rockets were 'raining down on Israel today.'

America's Mainstream Media 

Brian Ross 

In 2001, Brian Ross and ABC falsely reported that Saddam Hussein was linked to the anthrax attacks in the US.


During the South Ossetia War, CNN used images from Georgia's destruction of Tskhinval in South Ossetia to illustrate a piece about a Russian advance.

Amber Lyon, a former correspondent of CNN, has stated that Bahrain’s government paid CNN for positive coverage.

In 2006, CNN incorrectly translated a statement by Iran's president.

The president said: "Iran has the right to nuclear energy."

CNN translated that as: "the use of nuclear weapons is Iran's right."

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He was 14 yrs. 6mos. and 5 days old --- the youngest person executed in the United States in the 20th Century
George Junius Stinney, Jr.,1929 - 1944. 

According to the US media:

A fifteen year old White girl, Evelyn Roberson, who had a grudge against
George Stinney, claimed that George had made a private confession to his grandmother.

There are problems about this:

1. How did the girl find out about the alleged private conversation between George and his grandmother?

2. Why was the grandmother not called to give evidence at the trial?

3. Why was there no mention at the trial of the alleged confession to the grandmother?

The Christian Crusaders pursued a policy that included mass executions, the throwing of severed heads over besieged cities walls, exhibition and mutilation of naked cadavers, and even cannibalism, as was recorded after the Siege of Maarat.

One of our trolls, Salvatore, has sent us a comment in support of the Christian Crusaders.

He fails to mention that The Fourth Crusade invaded and conquered and looted the Christian city of Constantinople.

The Crusaders massacred Christians and roasted boys on spits.

This same troll also attacks the Native American Indians.

And he fails to mention that many of the people involved in the Slave Trade were Scots.

Breivik's double.

There is campaign by the CIA and its friends to divide and rule.

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