The USA wants military bases all over the Philippines and so it has been killing Philippinos.

The US Military Just Plunged Philippine Politics into Crisis 

The USA wants to control Syria and so it has been killing Syrians.

US Special Forces Caught Red-Handed inside Syria. US Guiding Airstrikes against al-Assad Government in Support of Kurdish Separatists.

The USA's ISIS militia wants to wreck Iraq, and so it has been slaughtering Iraqis.

Delivery of US Weapons and Ammunition to ISIS: Iraqi Commander Wiretaps ISIS Communications with US Military.

The USA wants to control Ukraine and so it has been killing Ukrainians.

US Combat Forces, FBI and CIA in Ukraine: Vice President Biden Congratulates Poroshenko for Violating Minsk Peace Agreement.

The USA kills people all over the world in false flag operations.

USA ATTACKS THE WORLD Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: World's News Center

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